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AYU is a non-profit startup initiated to promote, in essence, Dance, Performance & Healing.

The word ‘Ayu’ in sanskrit means simply ‘Life’ ,and our Ngo aims at creating a platform that provides a plethora of activities from Yoga, to Ayurveda, to Dance, to Productions/Projects for dancers/artists internationally.

The co-founders Bhumika and Yentl are both performing artists and Ayurvedic practitioners currently based in Belgium, and wanted to bring about a cross cultural dialogue of sharing through activities with a holistic approach. They have both worked closely with people from different backgrounds and countries, differently abled kids, underprivileged kids in various projects and want to create a medium that enables artists to share their art with the same.

Vision of AYU-

Simple. Positive energy exchanges! An artistic retreat! Helping others to find balance in their lives, through movement, or healing remedies, or interactive learning.

AYU offers-

- Choreography

- Dance Workshops
- Performances
- Yoga Classes
- Ayurvedic massages
- Projects with slum kids in India

- Bollywood performance & workshops
- Video Art
-International collaborative projects for artists

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