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Contact Improvisation

Is a dynamic form of contemporary dance centered around physical contact and improvisation. Experience the magic of movement, balance, weight transfer, and touch as you collaborate with fellow dancers in a playful and creative environment.


This dance form invites you to cultivate body awareness, explore space, and discover connections with others. In this workshop we teach you  improvisational techniques and how to respond to each other's movements without predetermined choreography. Whether you're an experienced dancer or new to the world of contact improvisation, you'll find a welcoming community ready to support you on your dance journey.

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Experience the power of movement and connection with our Contact Improvisation workshop! 

Contact improvisation workshops can be booked by individuals or groups who are interested in exploring this unique form of dance. Whether you are a dancer, a dance group, a school or an organisation looking to offer a workshop experience, you can book this workshop through AYU with experienced contact improvisation teachers.

Contact us now to inquire about prices, availability, and more information.


Let's find the perfect day to make this unforgettable experience happen. Get ready to move, connect, and create memories together!

choreograaf Yentl de Werdt begeleidt een Hedendaagse dans & movement workshop

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