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Bhumika Parekh Bollywood Belgium

Bollywood Dance

The word “Bollywood” originated when the Indian film industry overtook the Hollywood film industry. Bollywood dance is an exercise that hits the audience with music and keeps the environment joyful. Bollywood , also known as the “Hindi Film Industry”


Bollywood dance fusion is a unique style of dance that mixes basic Bollywood dance styles of dancing and music fusion with other styles of dance. Bollywood is a mixture of the Bombay film industry and our Hindi cultural language. The dance style has significance in Indian culture. It also tells a story through bodily gestures and significant features. The style is full of colors, showing composition between dance, music, storytelling, and costumes. It has allowed it to merge with other dance forms around the world, and it is now popular all over the world. It’s basically a fusion of various dance styles.

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